Sunday, 15 June 2014

Dark Liquor

What happens when a lecherous and extremely wealthy woman seeks to awaken an ancient bestial vampire to satisfy her insatiable sexual desires?

Salome De Roes is very rich and utterly decadent, often engaging in bizarre acts to satisfy her lewd cravings. One of her latest discoveries is the dark arts and the occult. She has engaged a special interest in lustful dark ceremonies and studying about creatures that were notorious for their salacious behaviour in the name of their dark lord.

From her studies of the ancient vampire world, Zarul Serdat has caught her attention, an ancient vampire that acted in Moldova in the late 14th till the 17th century were his sightings and morbid actions ceased... As the myth states, he was cast away from his clan due to his lecherous and often profane sexual deeds that enraged humans and drawn too much of attention to the vampire community, especially the Urdul clan where Zarul descended from. Various researchers of that era state that there was a rumor of a vampire that not only used his victims to quench the thirst of blood, but he was also choosing females that he'd plunder their bodies with sexual acts, especially intense sodomy. Some locals still speak of a myth of a vampire that used to raid the monasteries of Bistrita, Neamt and Pangarati to rape, deflower and finally feed from the bodies of nuns. This in turn enraged the religious locals so much that in 1733 they organised a hunt for the sacrilegious beast. For 3 years the villagers of Moldova searched for the vampire when finally, so to speak, on October of 1736 they found Zarul's hideout and burned it to the ground along with his bride whores as it is rumored he called them and his sleeping coffin.

In these thindings, Salome's desire to make love to Zarul burned furiusly. She thought it would be an out of this world experience to engage sexually a vampire, the ultimate dark lust, in spite of the fatal price of this action. Even so, she could be granted eternal existence by being Zarul's bride whore.

Finding Zarul and awakening him became her sole goal. Her persistence finally was rewarded as the well paid team she sent to search for Zarul's hideout reported that they found it and they're bringing back to her the coffin with the much coveted and well preserved beast's body inside.

And now it is time for her to prepare for the awakening ceremony...

 A new comic full of occult, vampiric lust and extreme anal sex :)

Friday, 23 May 2014

Celebrating my birthday

It's my birthday I deserve to be greedy.

The 21st of May means two things for me; number one - I'm getting older, number two - I'll never stop adoring arses. So yeah I think a kinda special treatment is in order for today. A special visit from a well known TV series lady character. Miss Peggy B!
Ding ding! Rings the bell! A juicy kiss followed by wishes followed by a couple of bottles of good wine (not that Sainsbury's cheap stuff) and silly giggles.
And the great moment arrives, she climbs on the table, arse above the cake, emptying at least 4 days worth of bowel content on my birthday cake, still giggling and making the room so shitty-smelly!
I'd better be a gentleman and at least clean her.

Hitting my forties and yeah I'm getting older, but still
It's my birthday I deserve to be greedy!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Michelle, a housewife reborn

It is always a pleasure to look back at old artwork and discover long and forgotten gems that in most cases were left unfinished for the sake of doing a million other things and loosing interest as time goes by. Yours truly is a very complicated mind when it comes to artwork. Before even sketching the first caption I'd have developed the story into a full scale trilogy superproject and will be thinking of the last episode... Believe me that much forward thinking is no good by all means, as in favour of trying to organize everything for the full 3 episode project, almost always I lose focus on the beginning.

Anyroads I was digging on my backup HD the other day (again) and re-discovered a little naughty comic story I had begun (and never completed) to illustrate back in the good ol' 90's. This one's from hmmm 1994, '95 or '96... I'm not sure at all. Michelle is your everyday next door Joe Blogg's wife. Miserable from her day to day house keeping routine, married to a husband that has forgotten the joys of making love to her and seeks refuge to going to the pub with the lads or watching football on the telly... Michelle is hot and bothered! Very hot and bothered indeed. So much that one summer afternoon she decides to leave her morals, marriage boundaries and knickers in her house and head to the motorway to pursue casual or rather uninhibited sex with strangers, to satisfy the awaken demons in her libido. The common stereotype of the housewife that falls asleep as your quiet and bored Susan next door and wakes up the next morning being reincarnated to Michelle, a cunt dripping sexual beast of a woman that will devour every drop of your cum in 3 minutes tops!

Now, being millions of light years far from being perfect, the original inks I did back in the 90's have always had a certain appeal to me. I've decided to do a re-run of the story on my current style. Still got a lot do, currently I'm doing the 3D models for the scenery and the main props and I will have to buy a heap of ready made 3D products for it to come the way I really want but so far the idea is still hot and running. And yes, hopefully it will be a series of 3 episodes , ie a trilogy, for which I've already written the backbones of the scenario.

Here are the original and totally hand made inks (except from the lettering which was done sometime in the 2000's by computer) and a few concept pinup renders I did to get in to the mood for the story. Enjoy and give us some feedback.

And now ladies and gentlemen, 20 years after, the fresh brand new conceptual approach:

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Secret Moments In The Basement

What sort of deeds can an old grumpy pervert do to a girl? 

She has fallen for the invitation to look at his dried leaves collection and now he is wetting her dried back passage. Such a pleasure he finds in the view of the tube filling her juicy rump with water through her puckered anus and the well pumped bardex bulb holding the nozzle tight inside her colon. 

Drop by drop, the warm water fills her belly as the grumpy old pervert is enjoying his secret moments in the basement.

Also available for purchase as a High Resolution image in TIFF format
Size: 67 X 51 cm @300dpi

Printing options are available.

Contact me for details.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy 2014

Hey hey ppl!
Guess where I drank champagne from last nite!

Happy new year everybody and a kinky one too!

Sarka xx

Monday, 2 December 2013

Evil Queen Of The Reich - The Works

You might remember a while ago I did a piece showing a senior Nazi female officer having an enema (here). A lot of good people emailed me and gave positive feedback on this piece and wanted to see more of her. So to let you know, I am working (among a ton of other things) on a comic strip story about her sadistic torturing on captivated members of the resistance.

And since you guys and lasses liked this character so much, I decided to share with you a few concept pieces I've done for this comic, click on the images to enlarge them. 

This was the initial concept of the Evil Queen of the Reich image. The character is quite undeveloped yet posed on a basic setting to get the course where this image would go.

Another concept and another torture for the Evil Queen. Facesitting on a poor captive of the resistance while expelling her filthy anal liquids straight to his penis via a tube inserted to her anus / or / receiving urine from the victim which will later be expelled on to his face - you decide :)

After being severely beaten up the captive is bound to a pole and forced to fuck her dirty arse while she releases nasty long and wet farts and shits on his cock while being fucked. The intense foul fecal smell and dodgy liquid sensation on his cock is accompanied with face slapping from the Evil Queen's feet as she enjoys to interrogate her poor victim.

Even transexuals were enlisted as officers in the Nazi army. The use of such instrumental personnel had a double purpose: to sexually molest and torture the moral captives and to satisfy the kinky desires of the top senior Nazi officers. Here the Evil Queen is fisting the arse of saucy Frida (aka gay Friedrich) in preparation to receive Dr. Max Von Messerschmidt's enormous cock.

And that is about it for now, I hope you have enjoyed these images.
When the comic will be out? I seriously don't have a clue! It might take more than a year, cause among a ton of other things I've got to do the 3D modeling for all the props and the scenery myself, so it might be a while since this hits your screens. I'll post updates on the process.