Monday, 20 October 2014

Go early for Christmas presents

Why not make a difference this year and make that christmas presents extra spicy?
Maybe you wanna tell someone what would you like but don't have the guts to say it?
No problem! Let Sarka draw it exclusively for you.

Or maybe you want a hot portrait of your loved one?
Or maybe o hot portrait of someone you've been drooling about for a long time.

Or you want to see one of my characters doing something you fancy

Whatever your fantasy, I can wrap that special christmas present for you!

Pre-order now for Christmas and get a special discount!
And if you are a good kid and order 2, good ol' Santa will throw a third one for free in the bag hohoho!
He's a happy old perv he is!

Prices as low as pub money in certain items!

Inbox me and I'll let Santa know


Artwork can either be 3D or hand drawn items.

Prices vary per subject and work needed.
Working best with all female or TG/TV/TS butt related themes, including extreme and dirty stuff (prolapse, farts, enema, scat)

* NO heavy BDSM (extreme pain, blood, death)
* NO Necro
* NO Kiddie stuff (for any child porn request I'll inform the authorities)
* NO gay themes (TV/TS themes are ok and welcomed)
* NO Anthro / Furry

Only western type of art, ie no Futanari, Anime, Manga or whatever you call this shit... it's not my cup of tea.

Please try to be as much descriptive and detailed as you can, ultra discretion is guaranteed!

Payments by PayPal only.

Email me your requests at sarkasex [at] gmail [dot] com

Monday, 6 October 2014

When the wife is really bored

Some months ago I posted the some concepts and the original art of a story I'm working on some years now :) Nothing too fancy or breakthrough here, your everyday wife getting bored with her everyday routine life that fights her misery by opening her holes.

As the story develops, Michelle our heroine decides to stretch an otherwise quick steam blowing adventure to a rampant roadtrip where she'll meet the seediest of types and some wild moments indeed, not to mention all the big cock she can handle and some that she cannot :)

As it seems right now the whole story concept has developed in three episodes, filled with action and hole stretching to the extreme, mostly anal of course and vanilla for the most part (ie. no brown stuff in this one, with maybe one quick exception).

Can't promise when you'll actually see the whole thing rolling out, as it involves tons of custom 3d modelling and I do mean a huge amount of work!

Anyways some saucy work is being produced in the progress of this project and I thought it would be nice to show you how things are coming out so far and read your feedback if you would be so kind to spare a moment.

As for Michelle, well, that girl is trouble I'm telling you... She has fallen for the old saying that blacks like blonde white chicks, dyed her hair blonde and she entered a nest of hornets. And boy do these things sting as you can see! 

Want a serious piece of advice? never let your wife get bored ;)

Scat Magical Mystery Group is gone?

Anyone knows what happened to the good ol' Scat Magical Mystery Group? The url now points to a page that says that the website is no longer active :(

It is sad to see a traditional fetish forum like Scat Magical go offline as it was a traditional scat and piss (mainly) fetish meeting forum within our dedicated community. I found it in 2008 (by invitation) but it seemed to be in existence earlier than then. It is a pity to loose such a good meeting place and being able to contact all kinds of wonderful people all over the world that share the same passion for such a taboo subject as dirty sex.

Hopefully Amanda, a wonderful lady owner and moderator of the Scat Magical Mystery Group will restore the website in the future, cause it was a pretty hot place for all us brown heads and I'm sure we'll all miss it pretty dearly.

UPDATE Oct 16 -2014:
Amanda has just answered on the comments below with some wonderful news, Scat Magical will be back online soon. I'm copying her message as it is:

"Scatmagical will be (hopefully) up and running again by Monday, Oct. 6. We had some problems with forwarding new credit card details during the very last days. And part of it is due to my absence.
Please circulate the information wherever you see the question pop up.

Thank you for your allegiance to Scatmagical.

Dirty kisses,

Let's hope our favourite meeting place will be up and smelling as nasty as ever real soon!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Teeny anal lust

I just love young girls who get their kicks from seducing old men. Dressing like sluts and making all the right moves in front of elder people in order to wake their long sleeping libido is so bizarre as a thought pattern on itself but nevertheless horny.  Equally horny the fact when the elder fall in for that and want to take advantage of the situation. Stretching the moral boundaries of the situation and throwing in a good dose of incest in the mix, what happens when a grandpa gets seduced from his teenager granddaughter? Whatever happens in granddad's house, stays in granddad's house :)

No viagra or other artificial substances were used. The old gramps still got a bit of bone. Enjoy!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Domestic Views

Wouldn't it be great if we were loaded enough just to have a bubble butt french maid to do all the house work so we could sit back and enjoy a pint while watching her do the house chores?

Hell, I wouldn't even mind if she didn't do the house properly, as long as she bent over and blown a few nasty ones in my face once in a while :)

Hope u like my new creation, boy it took some effort to complete :)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Dark Liquor

What happens when a lecherous and extremely wealthy woman seeks to awaken an ancient bestial vampire to satisfy her insatiable sexual desires?

Salome De Roes is very rich and utterly decadent, often engaging in bizarre acts to satisfy her lewd cravings. One of her latest discoveries is the dark arts and the occult. She has engaged a special interest in lustful dark ceremonies and studying about creatures that were notorious for their salacious behaviour in the name of their dark lord.

From her studies of the ancient vampire world, Zarul Serdat has caught her attention, an ancient vampire that acted in Moldova in the late 14th till the 17th century were his sightings and morbid actions ceased... As the myth states, he was cast away from his clan due to his lecherous and often profane sexual deeds that enraged humans and drawn too much of attention to the vampire community, especially the Urdul clan where Zarul descended from. Various researchers of that era state that there was a rumor of a vampire that not only used his victims to quench the thirst of blood, but he was also choosing females that he'd plunder their bodies with sexual acts, especially intense sodomy. Some locals still speak of a myth of a vampire that used to raid the monasteries of Bistrita, Neamt and Pangarati to rape, deflower and finally feed from the bodies of nuns. This in turn enraged the religious locals so much that in 1733 they organised a hunt for the sacrilegious beast. For 3 years the villagers of Moldova searched for the vampire when finally, so to speak, on October of 1736 they found Zarul's hideout and burned it to the ground along with his bride whores as it is rumored he called them and his sleeping coffin.

In these thindings, Salome's desire to make love to Zarul burned furiusly. She thought it would be an out of this world experience to engage sexually a vampire, the ultimate dark lust, in spite of the fatal price of this action. Even so, she could be granted eternal existence by being Zarul's bride whore.

Finding Zarul and awakening him became her sole goal. Her persistence finally was rewarded as the well paid team she sent to search for Zarul's hideout reported that they found it and they're bringing back to her the coffin with the much coveted and well preserved beast's body inside.

And now it is time for her to prepare for the awakening ceremony...

 A new comic full of occult, vampiric lust and extreme anal sex :)