Monday, 22 June 2009

Namio's Dream

Around 2006 I had the luck and joy of discovering some of the works of the Japanese artist Namio Harukawa. The joys and good surprises of the www!

His imagery had such a huge impact on me: beautiful full figured ladies crushing the heads of helpless men slaves. But what makes Namio's works so special is the almost innocent look on his ladies faces, a look that says "look what I'm doing to this worthless worm".

Namio's works are really covering most of my fantasies, although he does not show any penetration or sexual intercourse, he draws heavy scenes of facesitting and smothering and some watersports and even light scat too. Most of his drawings are masterpieces, not because they are drawn exceptionally, but because he crates beautiful femdom imagery, which although being intense, they are always in good taste.

So being heavily inspired from master Namio everafter, this is the first facesitting image I ever did.

(Click to enlarge)


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I want to be that men under this supreme ass !!!