Saturday, 27 October 2012

Satan and Z-Brush

I have said it in the past, art communities on the web, like where you can meet and get inspired from all kinds of people around the world, is probably one of the best gifts technology gave to artists. Graphics tablets is another great gift, but inspiration comes higher on the list of values. Without the web I probably would not know anything about Namio Harukawa, one of my top artistic mentors.

Through Deviantart I stumbled upon the works of Mr. Eltatuador, a young digital artist from Argentina, who through his works depicts the lustfulness and desire of Succubus creatures: truly evil looking female (or feminine) demonic creatures. In addition to my sexual desire for dominant women, I also believe that there's something irresistibly sexual and lustful in evil looking females. Mr. Eltatuador's imagery is proving that point. Succubii were never looking so desirable and I think many of us, upon encounter would sell our soul for their sinful lusts.

Fairly recently I've been experimenting with Z-Brush, the well known 3D sculpting tool. Not that I'm really good with it but with a lot more practice I'll come to terms with it. I've also been experimenting in creating custom morphs for figures in Poser. After seeing the Succubus works of Eltatuador, I wanted to create my own version of an evil looking female creature. Using the morph tool within Poser proved to be a painful experience, but thankfully Z-Brush gave me the opportunity to sculpt the head just the way I wanted it. Her name is Satanella and I hope you like her, she's a work in progress character, I hope I will be able to sculpt more evil features on her body and produce a fully custom Succubus character in the future. I also hand painted the textures for her makeup, teeth and tongue.

The image which I'm using as a backdrop can be found here.

This piece is not for sale since I'm using a donor image for a background, however if you really want the painting of the character I can do a custom background for you.

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