Friday, 31 May 2013

Da Full Peach

It has been several months that I have been busy with various things and haven't posted anything in here, so here comes a good payback for you all filthy rump maniacs that have been patiently waiting :)
First the soft stuff, 'Full Peach' a lovely blonde girl bending over and showing her best ar-ssets to you, as if she's ripping a good one on your face:

This one was derived from the development work I did for 'A treat for Santa' , basically it's the same girl character with different clothing (as if you had noticed any) and also different light setup. Well, I thought that an arse of such calibre was too good to leave as sketchwork :) 

Also available for purchase as a High Resolution image in TIFF format
Size: A3 (29 X 42 cm).
Printing options are available.
Contact me for details.


Anonymous said...

I give it a 4... I'd like to see her dirty, bumpy, raised-ring asshole.

Sarka said...

you and me too, but at that point I didn't have the time to produce the quailty I'm aiming for to show her in such a gracious state. She'll be back even dirtier as you suggested though :) Stay tuned and thank you for rating and your feedback