Sunday, 15 June 2014

Dark Liquor

What happens when a lecherous and extremely wealthy woman seeks to awaken an ancient bestial vampire to satisfy her insatiable sexual desires?

Salome De Roes is very rich and utterly decadent, often engaging in bizarre acts to satisfy her lewd cravings. One of her latest discoveries is the dark arts and the occult. She has engaged a special interest in lustful dark ceremonies and studying about creatures that were notorious for their salacious behaviour in the name of their dark lord.

From her studies of the ancient vampire world, Zarul Serdat has caught her attention, an ancient vampire that acted in Moldova in the late 14th till the 17th century were his sightings and morbid actions ceased... As the myth states, he was cast away from his clan due to his lecherous and often profane sexual deeds that enraged humans and drawn too much of attention to the vampire community, especially the Urdul clan where Zarul descended from. Various researchers of that era state that there was a rumor of a vampire that not only used his victims to quench the thirst of blood, but he was also choosing females that he'd plunder their bodies with sexual acts, especially intense sodomy. Some locals still speak of a myth of a vampire that used to raid the monasteries of Bistrita, Neamt and Pangarati to rape, deflower and finally feed from the bodies of nuns. This in turn enraged the religious locals so much that in 1733 they organised a hunt for the sacrilegious beast. For 3 years the villagers of Moldova searched for the vampire when finally, so to speak, on October of 1736 they found Zarul's hideout and burned it to the ground along with his bride whores as it is rumored he called them and his sleeping coffin.

In these thindings, Salome's desire to make love to Zarul burned furiusly. She thought it would be an out of this world experience to engage sexually a vampire, the ultimate dark lust, in spite of the fatal price of this action. Even so, she could be granted eternal existence by being Zarul's bride whore.

Finding Zarul and awakening him became her sole goal. Her persistence finally was rewarded as the well paid team she sent to search for Zarul's hideout reported that they found it and they're bringing back to her the coffin with the much coveted and well preserved beast's body inside.

And now it is time for her to prepare for the awakening ceremony...

 A new comic full of occult, vampiric lust and extreme anal sex :)

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