Saturday, 15 August 2009

Helga - a German Lady

Ok thing is that I have a thing for German ladies. I can't explain it why, but they fascinate me.

Well not all of them, but many of them. Unfortunately I haven't travelled to Germany, in order to see for myself, it's one of those trips that I keep on postponing. Perhaps it's the impression I've got that German ladies are well built, imposing personalities (see beer waitresses), blonde with blue eyes. Yeah it's only an impression, but that idea surely has to do with the fact that I always liked German porn, because it's kinky and very much different. Take your average German porn production from the 90's and it'll easily blow away anything. Not to mention the kinkier titles, Germans hold the cup for sure!

Anyways, truth is I'm fantasizing quite a lot about German ladies and that has a serious input into my artwork.

A long time ago (around 2003) I've sketched my ideal view of a German lady at her 20's and Helga was created. And I haven't tried to color her until fairly recently, which I have decided to do it in traditional media rather than digitally. So Helga was colored -almost- entirely with color pencils, crayons and markers. I regret of my paper selection, but then again I didn't intend to color the original traditionally back then, that was a much later decision, which only begun as a test. A bit more retouching in Photoshop et voila! Don't you just want to dive in to her gorgeous arse and lick her till your tongue melts? :)

Like most of my work, this piece was made in high resolution and size and are available for printing and/or sale. Contact me for details.

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