Saturday, 18 January 2014

Secret Moments In The Basement

What sort of deeds can an old grumpy pervert do to a girl? 

She has fallen for the invitation to look at his dried leaves collection and now he is wetting her dried back passage. Such a pleasure he finds in the view of the tube filling her juicy rump with water through her puckered anus and the well pumped bardex bulb holding the nozzle tight inside her colon. 

Drop by drop, the warm water fills her belly as the grumpy old pervert is enjoying his secret moments in the basement.

Also available for purchase as a High Resolution image in TIFF format
Size: 67 X 51 cm @300dpi

Printing options are available.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding again!


Sarka said...

Thank you Shadow!


Nice post.............

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