Monday, 3 March 2014

Michelle, a housewife reborn

It is always a pleasure to look back at old artwork and discover long and forgotten gems that in most cases were left unfinished for the sake of doing a million other things and loosing interest as time goes by. Yours truly is a very complicated mind when it comes to artwork. Before even sketching the first caption I'd have developed the story into a full scale trilogy superproject and will be thinking of the last episode... Believe me that much forward thinking is no good by all means, as in favour of trying to organize everything for the full 3 episode project, almost always I lose focus on the beginning.

Anyroads I was digging on my backup HD the other day (again) and re-discovered a little naughty comic story I had begun (and never completed) to illustrate back in the good ol' 90's. This one's from hmmm 1994, '95 or '96... I'm not sure at all. Michelle is your everyday next door Joe Blogg's wife. Miserable from her day to day house keeping routine, married to a husband that has forgotten the joys of making love to her and seeks refuge to going to the pub with the lads or watching football on the telly... Michelle is hot and bothered! Very hot and bothered indeed. So much that one summer afternoon she decides to leave her morals, marriage boundaries and knickers in her house and head to the motorway to pursue casual or rather uninhibited sex with strangers, to satisfy the awaken demons in her libido. The common stereotype of the housewife that falls asleep as your quiet and bored Susan next door and wakes up the next morning being reincarnated to Michelle, a cunt dripping sexual beast of a woman that will devour every drop of your cum in 3 minutes tops!

Now, being millions of light years far from being perfect, the original inks I did back in the 90's have always had a certain appeal to me. I've decided to do a re-run of the story on my current style. Still got a lot do, currently I'm doing the 3D models for the scenery and the main props and I will have to buy a heap of ready made 3D products for it to come the way I really want but so far the idea is still hot and running. And yes, hopefully it will be a series of 3 episodes , ie a trilogy, for which I've already written the backbones of the scenario.

Here are the original and totally hand made inks (except from the lettering which was done sometime in the 2000's by computer) and a few concept pinup renders I did to get in to the mood for the story. Enjoy and give us some feedback.

And now ladies and gentlemen, 20 years after, the fresh brand new conceptual approach:


Anonymous said...

Great Work !! but if u could make with farting it would be the best !! btw this rocks ! :D

Sarka said...

Thank you! Although initially the story as a whole was -and still is- not intended to include any bizarre elements of that kind, there might be a 'director's cut' version with some fragrant pages :) Thank you for watching and your input.

Adriano Holtzmann said...

i like so much its very hot

Sarka said...

Thank you!

fidel enrich said...

Perfect work as allways! Congrats.

Sarka said...

Thank you Fidel!